Friday, February 23, 2018


What is reflection of self?
Looking into a mirror itself?
One must look deep into themselves,
To find what else,
But the truth that's lost,
Within ourselves.


One must close the door,
To move forward more,
Not closing the door,
Will only lure,
One into the long, lost, past,
Of memories that'll last,
Learning to close the door,
Will aide moving on from the past.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Drilled into us,
As we age we see things,
That has been drilled into us,
By those around us as we grew,
Some good,
Looking both ways before crossing the street,
Saying please and thank you,
Some bad,
Biting your nails,
Way you drive,
Things one may say,
Then some you wish you never had,
Feeling the constant need to apologize,
For things one has no control over,
That immediate "I'm sorry",
-(Because whenever is it not your fault)-
An impulsive feeling of being guilty,
No matter what happened,
You should have been able to prevent it.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Am As Desiree....

Others may say I’m as bubbly as shaken up pop ready to explode on a hot summer day.

 But I know I am as creative as a designer is in the most important thought that could become a breakthrough in their career.

Others tend to think I am as courageous like a dare devil doing the stunt that no one in history will forget.
But I know I’m as helpful like a map that you use when you’re lost in a blazing fire desert.
Others may think I’m as warm welcoming as apple pie just brought out of the oven sitting on an open window sill.
But I know I am as dedicated to my work like a mama bear protecting her clubs from a predator.
Others think I am as hard working as an ant that works all day and can carry 20 times the size of their own weight.
But I know I am as clumsy like I have two left webbed while being spun around a billion times in circles.
Others think I am intelligent as a new high tech smart board that doesn’t have to think about the question.
But I know I am as loyal as a secret diary of no lips for memory that can share the hearts desires.
 Others think I am as colorful like a rainbow shining its bright color’s after a rain shower.
But I know I am as sincere as a teddy bear with extra softness to the heart with over flowing love.
 I am as Desiree as Desiree could be in a million years from now.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What was once there,
Is no longer there,
It shall never,
Be the same,
Feelings once there,
Have gone away,
Just faded,
Forced apart,
What was once there,
Is no longer,
It shall never,
Be the same.
Of thoughts,
None of which,
Are bright,
Sweet and kind,
Nor caring,
Bitter dark,
Honest true,
Deep down,
Kept to myself.
Have a broken,
Mind and heart,
That will never be perfect,
Forever damaged.